How to Prepare & Care for Your Spray Tan

What you do before and after your session will affect the final result.

Pre-Tan Preparation

Pampering - Hair removal (waxing & shaving), Manicures/Pedicures appointments should be done 24 hours prior to your session.  Hair Salon appointment can be made prior to your tan or after your rinse.

Exfoliate - Your entire body prior to your session, for best results at least 2 hrs before tan.  Use a dry brush/dry loofah or a scrub mit with clear glycerin soap.  Do not use sugary scrubs, oily exfoliators, or soaps that contain moisturizers to exfoliate with.

Shower - Make sure your skin is clean and dry. No lotions, deodorants, makeup or perfumes.  

Tan - In an undergarment of your choice or nothing at all. 

Wear - Dark, loose-fitting clothing and flip-flop sandals after your session. No sweats, pants, jeans, shorts, spandex or clothes with elastic waists or bust lines.  

Rinse – 8-10 hours after tan. Or you can sleep with the product on, and rinse the following morning. Ask us to recommend what's best for your needs. 

Post-Tan Care 5-7 Days:

•   Moisturize 2-3x's daily after your spray tanning session.

•   Do not apply lotions that contain alpha-hydroxy or alcohol in the ingredients.   

•   Saunas, pools and hot-tubs will fade your tan quicker. 

•   Avoid sweating for at least 24-hours following your spray tan session.