“ As a plastic surgeon, I support spray tanning as healthy alternative to the harmful effects of the sun.  Michele is a master artist and a genius with color matching, which means her tans look totally natural.  I would never use any other product or technician for me or any of my clients”  

Dr. Marc Mani

"Thank you Michele for the best tan of my life!  Your spray tans are a work of art.  Clearly it requires an artist's eye to give the best tan and your product is AMAZING.  You made my trip to South Beach a success.  I just wish I could take you wherever I go! "

Jessica Simon 

"Why Leave the house?  when you need a spray tan for a shoot BUT it’s 11:00PM on Thanksgiving, who do you call?  my love Michele,  she will come,not only on a holiday but at any time of night."   

Ms. Kelly Brannigan

"MY Michele, I love you, I love your tans and I love how you run to spray me at a moments notice.   Your solution is the BEST color and smells so good."

Ms. Katie May 

"Michele, you are my girl.  Always nail it."  

Scott Eastwood   

"Secret Beach has the best solution I have ever experienced, I am obsessed with the color and the scent.  Thank you Michele for always being there of me and giving me the perfect tan every time."

Shelby Chong.  

"Michele seriously does the best tan I've ever had.  She has mastered the golden look, I feel gorgeous and confident every time she tans me!"  

Melissa Arman